Current Openings

Field Operator

Job Role :

Report while attending and relieving the duties.

To ensure the wearing of all safety PPEs while working and same to be ensured for all workers.

Tracking and issue of regular consumable items and record the reading of LPG/FO consumption.

Ensuring the proper CLTI (Cleaning, Lubrication, Tightening, Inspection) of Charging Conveyor

Tracking the record of incoming materials receipt from store/planning

Tracking and record the Anode shifting from ACP to Refinery.

To ensure all the materials are lying on its designated place with proper identification tag/sticker/no’s.

Tracking the mould movement and others materials RGP/NRGP Activities co-ordination with SIC.

To control and forklift movement and co-ordination with refinery to shift the anode as per target Qty for the day/shift.

Tracking all material movement activities in plant periphery weighing and maintaining the record.

Co-ordination with the Forklift supervisor for any breakdown related issues to receive the m/c in minimum time.

Tracking RGP/NRGP Activities in co-ordination with SIC.

To ensure fill the forklift checklist with all checkpoints in 100% supervision.

Verify the charging register and ensure proper recording of charging material.

To ensure proper housekeeping in plant periphery and segregate the materials which is to be scrap out in co-ordination shift in charge.

To send the materials in charging area as per charging plan.

To ensure periodic calibration of weighing balance.

Filling of FO day tank with 100% supervision and record the consumption& timely provide the data to SIC.

Responsible to receive the ACP process consumables materials from store in co-ordination with SIC.