Current Openings

ACP Plant Manager

Job Description :

safety standards implementation.
Ensure the availability of the equipment as per the production plan / Business plan.
Skill & Knowledge of Standards / SOPs / KPIs.

Job Role :

Execution of maintenance activities (PMI, Inspection, Breakdowns and Scheduled maintenance).
Overall responsible for the Anode casting plant production and maintenance Activities in coordination with interdisciplinary Team to achieve plant production as per given business plan.
To control the operation cost by reducing/optimizing the process consumables.
Arranging process consumables, spares, tools & tackles etc. to ensure smooth O&M as per the contract.
To fulfil the safety compliance in plant operation and maintenance to develop safety culture in plant with target the Zero harm.
Maintaining quality standards of process inputs to ensure right quality of output products. Arranging/doing inspection & dispatch clearance activities for copper Anodes. Copper Anode (FG) quality control by controlling process parameters.
Responsible for monthly wise Metal Accounting/process verification and ensuring (FG/WIP/SFG) metal recovery control.
Preparation of production MIS, organize daily production review meeting and monthly operation review meeting in-coordination with HO and client.
To control the plant equipment and machinery breakdown by closely working with Asset optimization team.
Co-ordination with plant maintenance team to control process breakdown schedule and execute for PMI Activities.
Arranging and allocation regular and need based manpower and providing on the job trainings.
To control the SAP related activities in each stage of operation (Incoming/In process/FG/Storage/Dispatch).
Arranging, supporting and conducting audits for Process and product.
Conduct the various trial activities to improve the product quality and conduct internal audit with-in time limit.
To take initiative for the cost saving project to optimize the consumption of major process consumables a Furnace oil, LPG, Power etc.
Closely working with materials procurement team to ensure minimum stock availability of each process consumables and maintenance consumables related materials and timely raise the PR and tracing the materials in Pipe line timely delivery.
Responsible for identifying the specific training required for skill development for all Plant production and maintenance teams. schedule and providing the training either by internal or external agency.
Responsible for AMC and calibration of All plant instruments like temp and pressure gauges load cells etc.
Monitoring the furnace condition and optimizing the production with minimum break down.
Interdisciplinary co-ordination to optimize the plant productivity.
Optimum utilization of manpower resources by providing them on job/off job training to enhance their skills and knowledge.
Responsible to develop 5’s Culture in Plant operation and work plant office.
Prepare and execute on plant job list which is to be done during furnace shutdown for chipping to restore the furnace capacity.
Identify and monitoring the tools and tackles to be used in plant for specific job performance.
Responsible for the development of team skills and motivating workforces to perform effectively to achieve target production plan.
Engaging with client senior management to build relationship and also managing relations with our HO.

Competency / Requirements Technical :

Cross functional team management experience.
Display expertise in trouble shooting, use CBM techniques, Preventive, Proactive and breakdown maintenance.
Planning experience of man, machine, materials for the break down/ shut down management.
Exposure to problems solving techniques.
Analyzing skills of variances, deviations and causes & effects.
Graduation in mechanical engineering with around 10 years of similar industry experience.