Current Openings

Casting Operator

To perform casting function in ACP for maximum utilization and achieving business plan targets of ACP Anode production.
Responsible to operate the PLC system for Furnace position operation and Anode casting operation.
To ensure all the furnace parameters are in place (Molten metal Temp, FO temp, forward and reverse limit switch striker Condition, furnace forward and reverse switch healthiness, molten metal level in furnaces).
To ensure Furnace spout is in healthy condition (Mouth opening should be clear, Spout burners should be in center, check burner firing condition, check no damaged refractory, check slag door refractory patch-up).
To ensure healthiness of launder entry (Check no lumps should be there at entry and launder path, Check Launder to be covered with Cera blanket & cover to be removed).
To ensure good condition of launder Lip (Check No Copper accumulation at Lip, Check Launder path from pouring spout to launder lip should be clear & no Gaps on launder cover for deception of heat, Check All launder burner should be running condition, Check Flash Back arrestor healthiness, Check Launder preheating duration, Check No Cracks or damage of lip).
To ensure good condition of Intermediate ladle (Spout should be free from lump, path should be clear, Check Cover should be places so that it covering flame fully, Check Flame of the burner should be uniform, Check for ladle cover refractory condition, Check for Ladle burner hose condition, Check for Upper & Lower Limit Switches, Check For Cylinder Operation, Check for ladle Bottom Temperature, Check Ladle exit should be clear of material & no refractory damaged.
To ensure good condition of weigh ladle Check no refractory inclusion at pouring ends, Check No damage of ladle refractory, Check for ladle cover refractory condition, Check for Ladle burner hose condition, check condition of load cell not touching the MTC) Check for ladle Bottom Temperature, Check for reflector Sensor working, Check Load cell calibration date, Check Burner flame should cover the ladle.
To ensure Healthiness of Casting conveyor (Check Wire rope clamp should be tightened, Check NO Wire rope overlap on drums (winding of rope on drum should be as per its position no overlap), Check Proper Pulley condition.
To ensure healthiness of casting trolley and rail (Check Trolley Wheel movement should be free, Check Trolley conveyor path should be clear, no any kind of scrap in pathway, Check No water accumulation in trolley bay.
Ensuring the proper CLTI (Cleaning, Lubrication, Tightening, Inspection) furnace tilting system. To ensure boash preparation with specific gravity in 1-1.1 range Check Application of barite coating done uniformly, Check Readiness of Mould cooling Spray system.
To ensure healthiness of mould condition Check Mould temperature(85-120 Deg cel.), Check Proper fixing of anode eject pin in all moulds, Check Eject pin operation), for each mould should be proper.( Checking of each mould, Check Mould top casting portion should be cleaned condition, Check Proper Mould alignment ( matching of all holes), Check No of moulds in operation, Check No wetness of/on mould.
To ensure healthiness of Power pack input and output line Check No Leakage in the oil system, Check for IL, WL & Eject pin cylinder operation (full open/close by checking cylinder length), Check Hydraulic oil pressure Kg/Cm2, Check Oil Level percentage.
To ensure Boash Tank Line is in good condition Check water Level in Boash tank, Check No leakage in Boash tank, Check Overflow of Boash tank path is clear, Check return water pit pump operation.
To record the batch wise charging details in logbook and in co-ordination with charging operator.

Competency / Requirements Technical :

Process parameters control.
Minimum diploma or degree in metallurgical / chemical engineering with 2 – 5 years in similar industry.